Louis Trichardt is situated in the Limpopo province which is a mountainous region and supremely scenic. This town, like many other towns in South Africa, have their origin in the Voortrekkers and Louis Trichardt is one such town.

A group of Voortrekkers under the leadership of Louis Tregardt made camp at the foot of Soutpansberg mountains. The town of Trichardtsdorp was eventually founded in February1899.

Louis Trichardt is sustained by farming and satellite industries are set up in support of the maintenance of the farming industry.

At present the town is sustained by farming and in part tourism towards the Kruger National Park.

There are proposals for mining to start in the region and if the proposal is accepted Louis Trichardt will experience substantial growth in terms of property development and value.

The envisaged mine will need staff and the staff would need housing. This will bring further property development to Louis Trichardt and an increase in property value.

The current trend in property value is sales between R800,000 to R1,400,000 for a standard residential free standing home, whereas the sectional title home price range is roughly R1,000,000 to R1,4000,000. This is close to the pricing in other suburbs across Gauteng.

Estate agents working in Louis Trichardt feel this is an emerging market and an expanding one. Investing here would be based firstly on employment prospects and then a tourist destination. There are game farms which is a huge draw card for the tourist industry.

Schools in Louis Trichardt include Emmanuel Christian School and Masedi Combined School.

All the amenities are catered for and Louis Trichardt is a self-sustaining city in its own right.

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