Prestige has taken on a few guises over the years which are in part due to private residential estates. As with most things in life there will always be a next step up. If the property market did not conform to this philosophy there would be a stagnant market which would have been very lackluster.

Someone or rather some estates had to be the first. From these estates new ground has and will continue to be set in standards of luxury, prestige and exclusivity. These estates also have a reciprocating effect on one another where architecture and opulence challenge each estate to go that one better, thus keeping the focus on a matter of preference.

One such estate that has greatly benefitted from its predecessors is the ultra-chic modern Lombardy Estate. Features like new architecture and the use of communal ground are some of the visible aesthetic cues of the estate.

The proportions the homes have gone to are almost astronomical and the interior finishing of these homes are above exquisite with many new home finished in one of a kind fittings in bathroom ware, kitchens and entertainment.

One should also not be surprised to learn that some of the highest acclaimed architects have been contracted to design some of these breath taking homes.

The Lombardy Estate has a trendy opulent boutique hotel with venue services like weddings, a spa and conference centre. This is a clever medium to advertise properties to perspective buyers from the local market and international property investors.

The standards of opulence does not exclude the younger generation in this higher income bracket as the property usage in Lombardy is freestanding homes and townhouses.

The sectional title townhouses are setting standards in the market which attracts the middle aged families and even pensioners.

For these well-heeled investors only the best will do and that is also seen in the number of private schools that are catering for the residents such as Tyger Valley College, Curro College Hazeldean and Abbotts College.

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