One would almost be fooled into thinking Lochvaal is a hidden treasure. Well, the name does have some suggestion that the suburb is somewhat water-locked as the suburb is flanked by the Vaalriver on two sides and the Rietspruit and the other end.

Being on the water’s edge, well, for most homes means this is a small Mediterranean property oasis. The homes are elegant, prestigious and architectural marvels, all of which further increases demand and higher property values. The property usage consists of freestanding homes, apartments and farms and a number of prestigious estates like Windsor on Vaal Estate.

One should not be surprised to find that many homes have their own boat houses or jetty’s.

For the well-heeled this is either a permanent residential address or for other an exclusive week-end getaway haven.

Naturally, the leisure activities are mostly water related but does cater to the outdoor enthusiasts.

With many waterfront farms on the market it is obvious that the suburb still has a long way to go before it is fully developed thus ensuring further stable growth in property values.

As a residential suburb, there would naturally be a need for schools and there are a number of reputable schools to choose from such as Barrage Primary Farm School, Laerskool Vaalrivier and The Vaal High School.

Besides water, leisure activities there are also indoor activities available at malls like Vaal Mall, Vaalgate Shopping Centre and for the nightlife, there is the Emerald Resort and Casino.

The hotel and catering industry has a strong foothold in the suburb, there is always a need for more venues, lodges, and even boutique lodges as this is the standard of living one would expect form Lochvaal.

Lochvaal is also on the N1 north and south which means access is highly convenient to Johannesburg.

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