The suburb of Lanseria is a middle to upper-class suburb located north of Johannesburg. The suburb is still very much a farming type of suburb with residential property starting to take shape.

The town was formed around the development of the Lanseria International Airport around 1974. During 1979 and 1991 the airport was home to military aircrafts.

Property in the town is today of a mixed use which comprises small holding, commercial, residential and farm land with large tracts of undeveloped land also in the market. The location of the suburb is one positive factor to consider even if the property is in the form of small holding or farms.

One certain fact to peruse would be the fact that the scarcity of vacant land will put the suburb under scrutiny of developers and this would mean higher prices for the land in future given the already higher prices the property in the town commands due to factors such as the more modern architecture, the proximity of the town to the never expanding airport and the major roads which lead to the suburb and abroad.

The mixed use is further complimented by the development of apartments which cater for the well-heeled with market related prices which perform equal to property values in suburbs like Fourways or Sandton.

The other benefit of living in a town like Lanseria would be the tranquility which offers living as close to nature as would be living in the Eastern Transvaal bushveld. Bird lovers and nature lovers’ appetites will be sated by the number of small animals still present on the farms and small holdings.

Being a reasonably well established region means the creature comforts like retail malls and schools are close enough to be convenient. Here is a list of some of the schools; Heron Bridge College, Monaghan Primary Farm School and Cedar Wood School.

Take a tour of the various properties in Lanseria via the Myroof website.

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