The suburb of Durbanville in Cape Town is sought after as a property market because of its location and exceptional aesthetic natural beauty. Durbanville does not end there as the suburb has a number of extensions or suburbs of its own which caters for a very broad income spectrum. Not only, there are a large number of suburbs which are still very much in the infancy stage or developmental stage.

This is true for Langeberg Village Estate, one of Durbanville’s upper middle class to prestigious suburbs. Modern architecture and landscaped gardens adorn the suburb with its mixed property usage. As with many municipalities, the requirement for a higher population density and more affordable property there have been a number of apartment buildings erected in the suburb to cater for the well-heeled younger generation.

Most of these new apartment buildings have borrowed architecture from successful developments in Gauteng like Melrose Arch, Rosebank and Sandton. This naturally brought with it a standard of prestige which sets new standards in luxury and property values and situated in an estate further ads to the prestigious status.

The communal grounds of the estate are leafy and tranquil making it the perfect environment for family living.

As with any other estate, there are rules and regulations which have been set in place to maintain the integrity of the estate and its aesthetic appeal and Langeberg Estate has its own H.O.A. which oversees and approves any requirements within its set parameters. This is all aimed at maintaining the strong yield of property values too.

Of amenities like schools and malls, Langeberg Estate has more than enough to choose from which are all within easy access.

Schools close to the estate are Durbanville High School, Durbanville Primary School, Fairmont High School and Meridian Pinehurst Private School.

Malls catering for entertainment and retail needs are Okavango Crossing Shopping Centre, Cape Gate Shopping Centre and Tygervalley Shopping Centre.

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