Ladismith in the Karoo should not be overlooked as a tourist destination or even a permanent residence. This quaint town has a rare appeal. The town consists mainly of farms and a small central residential suburb.

The architectural styles are an archive of progression from Neo-Gothic, Victorian, Edwardian, Cape Dutch Revival, Karoo Rural and Regency styles. Now one could imagine an astute visionary developer deciding to construct a state-of-the-art private lifestyle security estate in the town. The reason why this would make perfect sense is the general fact that many of the later estates are a precursor for the development of upmarket residential suburbs.

The other reason why an estate or a few would make perfect sense is the fact that a large portion of employers and employees are now working online and location is not that much of an issue. So why not relocate to a place that has a tranquil setting with a higher degree of security.

The town is the perfect place to settle down for pensioners, young professionals, artists that need to capture the natural beauty and executives that want to live in the quiet countryside.

Supplying a third of the country’s grapes, milk, wine, flowers and mutton suggests the town is very much self-sustaining. The other benefit is the lack of large-scale urbanization which may change when the right investors take the first courageous steps.

As a tourist destination, the town offers hikes along well-demarcated trails to the peak of Towerkop, Elandsberg Mountain and other unexplored gems.

There are guest houses and lodges which are the perfect home base from which to explore and if either of these properties does come onto the sales market they are rewarding for the expert caterers.

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