Located in Midrand Gauteng, Kyalami Business Park is in a prime location as it offers direct access to all the major routes to the four compass points in the country, and access to the OR Thambo airport.

This also means customers have the same convenient access to suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and commercial companies.

The node has a modern aesthetic which it needs to mirror, drawing from the surrounding estates.

Mixed industrial developments arose to complement estates and add to the convenience of the residents in these prestigious estates. This also determines the property value to a large degree.

Companies that purchase property in this business park appear to be in the upper echelon of their various fields and for these companies appearance is part of their sales strategy.

Pricing structures draw a vast spectrum of companies from small to medium-sized companies and large companies. Thus, whether you need a smaller floor space or a large floor space the business park fulfills this criteria.

The park is safe and secure with a manned security point that records all vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

In the rental segment of commercial and industrial space, there is a high demand which means your investment will grow in value as opposed to a property that is situated in industrial or commercial nodes.

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