Knysna is a picturesque Western Cape city which forms part of the Garden Route.

The Khoikhoi people were the first humans in Knysna.

The first European settlers to inhabit Knysna was a farmer, Stephnus Treblans, on a farm he named Melkhoutkraal, in 1760.

It is reputed that George Rex, an entrepreneur, was the founder of Knysna. Rex bought rights on the property Melkhoutkraal and later Welbedacht. He renamed the portion of Welbedacht which he had rights on, to Eastford. He gave 80acres of his land to the Colonial Government.

Knysna’s next notable settler was a captain with the Royal Navy, Thomas Henry Duthie. Duthie later married the daughter of George Rex and purchased land from him. Duthie then erected a church which was constructed in the Norman style and was consecrated in 1855.

The next notable settlers were the Thesen family, From Norwegian decent, which brought with them their knowledge of commerce and sailing.

Forestry was established in part due to the fertile ground and secondly because of the access to the sea for shipping. The timber was exported to Cape Town and in later years the timber mill was relocated to Paarden Eiland which was later renamed Thesen’s Island.

Forestry remains a sustaining industry for Knysna to this day.

The climate in Knysna is similar to the Mediterranean climate and for this reason there are scores of foreign tourists which visit Knysna. The other attraction is of course the oysters and the oyster festival.

Knysna hosts a few festivals annually like the Rastafarian Festival, the Gastronomica Festival and the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras.

The pace of life and climate in Knysna is perfect for retirement. Most British retirees, who choose to retire in South Africa, prefer to do so in Knysna.

Property value in Knysna is driven by a strong demand for various types of residence like, Lifestyle or Golf estates, or for the more sedate the town house developments serve well. Buy-to-let property investors also grab at property in Knysna.

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