The picturesque quaint village of Kleinmond in the Western Cape is today predominantly a tourist destination.

The town of Kleinmond was established on fishing which took place from Jongensklip, the harbour town of Kleinmond. 

Kleinmond was inhabited by the Khoisan, which can be confirmed as far back as 20 000 years when Neanderthals roamed the area. The Khoisan set fish traps along a stretch of beach from Kleinmond to Hawston and in caves on the beach front. 

The Kogelberg Mountains formed a natural barrier which added to preserving the archaeological deposits in the region and thus also contributed to the area being less inhabited. Kleinmond was also in later years, a safe haven for runaway slaves due to its reasonable inaccessibility. Sadly the Khoisan tribes were decimated with measles.

Accounts by travellers to the region in the 1700 are told of wild life roaming the area like, Buffalo, Eland, Hyena’s and Zebra. This attracted hunters and this led to the region being established as a fishing community. The rich soil was also ideal for agricultural use and scores of farms were established. 

The farmers in the region sought out Kleinmond, Hangklip and Jongensklip.

Kleinmond was owned by Robert Kaplan and the industrial area is named after him. In 1939 a hotel was built in the town which was owned and run by a Mr. PJ Delport along with his wife Blanche. 

“Die Preekboom” (sermon tree) which is located on the banks of the Kleinmond Lagoon was used for church services from as far back as 1902. Services were held at the end of the year and thus are a tradition has been carried through generations to the present day. 

Kleinmond beach is a recognized Blue Flag Beach and the region is a favoured tourist destination with local and international tourists due to the annual migration of Southern Right Whales making their way around the Cape.

Kleinmond is also noteworthy for a herd of wild horses which roam the Bot River lagoon and thus far the only herd to take up residence in a marsh land. Kleinmond is a proclaimed UNESCO Heritage Biosphere sight. 

The properties in Kleinmond are thus geared toward holiday and leisure with a range of properties and styles evident from affordable to exclusive. Kleinmond is an ideal region to invest in for either buy-to-let or own use holiday property. 

The town has an industrial area thus there are a number of permanent residents. 

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