The Sunshine Coast of Port Elisabeth is renowned for its quant village type suburbs and towns such as Kini Bay. Nestled between Algoa Bay and Jeffrey’s Bay one could say this is a true little hamlet. One should not make the mistake of assuming Kini Bay is emote, there are now shops or commercial hubs and no industrial hubs either. For work and retail one will take a short drive to either Jeffrey’s Bay or Port Elizabeth with Port Elizabeth being only 15 minutes’ drive from Kini Bay. This guarantees a truly tranquil environment where one can easily retreat to and for the second holiday market it is also a highly sought after village.

One should not be lulled into thinking that due to the tranquil nature of the village that the residential property market is slow and laid back. It is in fact a high competitive lucrative market with a mostly upper middle class status. Then there are some elegant prestigious homes located on the beach front.

Due to the fact that it is a purely residential village means most of the homes have views of the beach and ocean which brings that holiday atmosphere to every home.

The other attraction to Kini Bay is the natural vegetation which puts the village in some nature conservancies where there are also some small animals.

The architecture of homes are varied but they all tend to be more modern and some that are absolutely breath-taking hence the hefty market values of these prestigious homes.

Then there are of course a lot of vacant stand at market related values which is an option to consider when one is interested in owning property in this wondrous village.

Taking an aerial view of the village it is obvious why it commands such interest.

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