The backdrop is the Outeniqua Mountains and the lush greens with natural dams the home to the Kingswood Golf Estate. George is known as the golfer’s mecca with other estates in George setting a high standard in opulence and lifestyle. The estate won the acclaimed Europe & Africa Property Awards 2010 in association with Bloomberg Television, which is or should be an indication to the superior status and lifestyle this estate offers.

The mere fact that this is George in the Western Cape’s Garden Route is enough to instill an utter air of tranquility.

Kingswood Golf Estate is still very much under development with a fair number of prime vacant stands waiting to be scooped up before the market realizes its full value potential.

The estate has a mixed property usage which consists of the opulent freestanding homes and equally almost excessive sectional title townhouses. The developers have realized a larger market share by setting aside some of the property usage as sectional title properties which invites the upper end of the middle income groups to buy into the idyllic lifestyle and that in turn generally leads to investors upgrading from within the estate.

The laid back lifestyle in the estate extends to a children’s play area ensuring residents have more control of the safety of their loved ones. Then there is naturally a 24-hour manned access control point.

The Western Cape vernacular architecture is its signature along with the Sally Little signature golf course which no doubt hosts a few competitions.

The estate is set in the town of George which means all the amenities are nearby like schools, malls, and retail hubs, commercial and industrial hubs.

Schools catering for education are Carpe Diem School, York High School and Outeniqua School.

Malls close to the estate are York Mall, George Loerie Centre and Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre.

One could not really blame residents for not needing or wanting to leave the estate for any reason.

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