One cannot but feel nostalgic and content standing in the leafy tranquil suburb of King George Park in George, surrounded by the Outeniqua Mountains.

This is a residential suburb which means there are factors which are important for the suburb to stake its claim in the market.

The median property index of King George Park has shown a sharp increase from 2014 to 2017 which makes the suburb a buoyant investment growth market. Demand for homes in the suburb stem from its aesthetic appearance, the tranquillity, property usage and mixed architecture.

Leafy sidewalks and manicured and landscaped gardens add to the tranquil atmosphere reigning in the suburb and is also a good indication that service delivery to the suburb is well managed.

The mixed architecture of King George Park is an eternal archive of its development with some typical colonial homes, conventional and modern architectural homes. The influence of security, lifestyle and golf estates have influenced the general architecture of new homes which have in turn added to the average property value of the suburb with the acclaimed Kingswood Golf Estate situated in the suburb.

The mixed property usage caters for a broad demographic from first-time buyers, medium sized families and pensioners. The suburb is also a second holiday home market.

Being a well-established suburb does mean permanent residents need to have access to public or private schools of which there are a number such as York High School, Holy Cross Primary School George, George High School and Outeniqua High School.

The malls catering for retail needs and entertainment are York Mall, George Loerie Centre and St Georges Square Shopping Centre.

There is not much one needs to say about whether the suburb is in a prime location or not as George is not that large a town that roads should be congested.

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