If one would like to or has the need to escape city life from East London then Kidds Beach is the first and best place to retreat to. The simplistic laid back lifestyle and a lack of commercialization is perfect for pensioners too. For nature lovers one should make a point to visit St Croix Island Penguin Colony and Irma Booysen Flora Reserve and if that is not your thing then there is shelling, swimming and basking in the sun along the uninterrupted white beaches.

Beyond all the tourist attractions and natural beauty there is also a lucrative highly competitive property market which consists of freestanding homes, apartments, townhouses, farms and vacant stands, one could then expect the market to respond in the same manner as other suburbs respond to financial influences and changes.

One factor to keep in mind is that there are a number of sectional title developments being constructed which means there is a demand for the middle income group residential property. It also indicates that it is a stable property market. The property value range from middle income to the prestigious market with a mixed architecture ranging from classic to the modern. The fact that Kidds Beach is only 30 km from East London makes it worth the while for families that seek the tranquillity and exclusivity.

This would attract pensioners too as for them the tranquillity is a key factor.

One could also say there is a commercial property market in the guest house industry as there are vast numbers of tourists that flock to East London in and out of season.

There are schools and malls in the suburb namely Kidds Beach Primary School and St Christopher’s Private School and there is Settlers Square Shopping Mall or one could visit some of the quaint shops.

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