The prestigious suburb of Kenridge Heights is part of the Bellville municipality. When the Cape Town CBD was still the major commercial hub many of the Kenridge Heights residents had to travel 25km to and from work daily.

Who would not enjoy a view over to the Stellenbosch winelands or have the Tygerberg Hills or the Durbanville Hills as a backdrop of a home as a canvas. The setting and location of the suburb has an appeal of which many rival suburbs cannot boast about.

That was in a bygone era as today many of the larger commercial companies have relocated to the more exclusive suburbs for convenience and visibility of the suburbs.

The tranquil setting of the suburb manifests itself in the landscaped and manicured gardens, stately homes and neat tree lined sidewalks.

The prestigious status of Kenridge Heights influences the sectional title market in the suburb with apartments and townhouses selling for higher than the average values. It is still the perfect entry level home for executives starting off in the property market or newlyweds with a young family.

Demand for apartments is a factor that will continue to drive property values making it a highly lucrative market segment to invest in.

The other visible factor which drives the property values in Kenridge Heights is the contemporary and individualistic architectural styles along with the sizes of the individual freestanding homes and the fairly large stands homes are constructed on.

The suburb is still expanding and this is a factor that will continue to drive prices up in the suburb thus creating a stable growth market.

The suburb has the benefit of easy access to reputable schools such as Fairmont High School, Kenridge Primary School, The Valley Primary School and Durbanville High School.

Residents of Kenridge Heights are spoilt for choice with the number of malls catering for retail and entertainment needs at malls such as Cobble Walk Shopping Centre, Tyger Valley Shopping Centre and Fairbridge Mall.

Take a tour of the homes in Kenridge Heights via the Myroof web-site.

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