Bellville and the Bellville Hills offer views from most homes into eternity. This may be one of the reasons why its suburbs are so highly sought after.

Kenridge is one such suburb that offers it all in terms of property usage, landscape, architecture and proximity to various tourist and residential amenities.

This familial and tranquil suburb is classified as a middle to upper-class suburb with tree lined streets. This is perfectly offset by landscaped and manicured gardens which seem to be landscaped to offset the architecture of home, displaying their own unique characteristics in architecture.

Some would say the only home fit for Cape Town is a Cape Dutch architecture and this may be true to some extent but when this concept is married to a rustic contemporary architecture the appeal becomes very diverse and this is something many of the homes in Kenridge have achieved. This would then to some extent confirm and validate the status of the suburb in the property market.

Older homes dating back to the “12 mile post” in a manner of speaking are highly sought after by renovators’ for their nostalgia and resale value and may even serve as the second holiday home with a long-term investment in mind. Already renovated homes achieve market related sales prices which is by any standard a sound short-term investment for those who use property to turn money into profit.

The mixed property usage consists of freehold homes, townhouses and cluster homes which attract a larger market with the possibility for first-time home buyers to enter a suburb with a status and thus capitalising on this status to ensure stable growth in their investment.

Being a well-established suburb means there is a access for residents of Kenridge to reputable and popular schools such as Kenridge Primary School, Fairmont High School and Stellenberg High School.

For retail needs Kenridge residents can visit Kenridge Centre, Cobble Walk Shopping Centre and Tyger Valley Centre.

Take a tour of the homes in Kenridge via the Myroof web-site.

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