Village, holiday resort town and a heap of tranquillity is what most people look for in a home or holiday home.

The question is, what would it be that attracts home owners to take up residency in a place like Kei Mouth? For that one needs to take a broader view of the village as a whole. There is the unblemished coastline, the lack of commercialization and industrialization and the home themselves.

Being a coastal resort type town, is does not lack in the laid back lifestyle department but in terms of property investment it is altogether a different story.

The mixed property usage of Kei Mouth does attract young and old, middle class income groups to upper middle-class income groups. The younger generation that has a more limited budget will find property in the sectional title group with townhouses and apartments, and the established families will be catered for across the spectrum. And if you would prefer a custom home detailed to your own specifications then there are loads of vacant stand, some of which offer spectacular beach front views and their pricing is still very much affordable especially when compared with large scale commercialized coastal towns.

The only form of limited commercialization is in the form of guest houses which are a worthwhile investment for investors with a hands on lifestyle but can still enjoy the laid back lifestyle. The advantage here is the fair weather which will see tourists almost all year round thus creating a fairly stable turnover.

Entertainment is naturally the ocean and beaches but for those who prefer the glitz of the city there are malls in East London and likewise for permanent residents there are schools namely Cranberry Primary School, Hoerskool Grens and Laerskool Kuswag which are all located in East London.

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