According to archaeology, the quant holiday resort town of Jongensfontein was inhabited some 4000 years ago. A Dutch expedition before 1713 reported that there was a natural hot spring and the Dutch also reported the local inhabitants, the Khoi, and referred to them as “zwarte jongens”, hence the name Jongensfontein.

The Governor Ryk Tulbach granted permission to Michiel Muller to use the land for grazing. In 1855, the farm became an “erfpagplaas” or perpetual quitrent farm.

Since then the history is well documented and a number of highly publicised books were written about this pristine captivating little town. There were a few hick-ups in the developing of the holiday resort town in earlier years which led to a formal development of the town when town planner WB Hart visited the town and found that there was no real structure in the layout of the town.

Thus, in 1968 permission was granted upon WB Hart’s suggestions on how the town should look and from there the town grew into a purely holiday resort retreat.

Today the property in the town is way above prestigious which is due to the popularity of the town as a tourist haven.

Just as an example, vacant stands sell from around R 1.3 million and up and homes anywhere from R 1.8 million to above the R 8 million mark.

The architecture of homes is spectacular and makes full use of the ocean views, beached and natural tidal pools. Taken a drive in the tarred roads the homes are unashamedly prestigious with proportions in some cases outstripping homes in prestigious lifestyle and security estates.

This town offers the ultimate in luxury holiday living with a serene picturesque backdrop.

A short drive from Stilbaai means there are retail outlets catering for the retail needs of holiday tourists. It is then also obvious from the lack of malls that the town is a purely residential town.

Due to the tranquillity of Jongensfontein, there are a fair number of pensioners that have taken up residency here.

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