Janssendal is a suburb in Uitenhage. From the property usage which seems to be predominantly sectional title townhouses and apartments would attract first-time buyers and young professionals but there are naturally freestanding homes too and a limited amount of vacant stands. With a limited amount of vacant stands one could safely assume the suburb is fully developed thus it maintains a stable growth in value.

The fact that there are so many sectional title properties means it is the most competitive market segment as this is the segment were bonds are more readily granted. Sectional title property values are aimed or have attained a middle-class market segment with values ranging from the high R 400’s to around the R 700 mark.

The influence of architecture is seen in the newer developments and then there are the older apartment buildings which we all know offers loads of space. Townhouses are not exclusively limited to the single persons as there are also townhouses that cater for established families with spacious privately walled gardens which is perfect to bring to home the freestanding home feel.

The freestanding homes are a mixture of homes dating from the Colonial era to the current designed homes. So for renovators the suburb offers all the best opportunity to buy a good home and refurbish it and sell it or live in it.

As an established suburb there are a great number of schools nearby namely Riebeek College Girls’ High School, Strelitzia High School, and Uitenhage High School and for children with special needs there is the reputable Bergsig Special School.

There is no shortage of retail malls and the entertainment they off at malls namely Aloe Shopping Mall, Fairbridge Heights Shopping Mall and Rosedale Centre Shopping Mall.

Janssendal is also in a prime location in relation to the various commercial and industrial nodes which also attracts buyers to the suburb.

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