Jacobus Jagers, a Griqua owned the farm on which Jagersfontein was established. He later sold the farm to C.F Visser in 1854 and J.J de Klerk found the first diamond, measuring 50 carat, on the farm which was named Jagersfontein after the original owner. This huge diamond was discovered three years prior to the diamond rush of Kimberley.

The town of Jagersfontein developed slowly with mining being the attraction for employment and a promise of riches. Jagersfontein mine yielded some of the biggest diamonds in South Africa of which many are commemorative stones for the British monarchy as they were in power at the height of the diamond rush across the country.

Some of the diamonds that were found in Jagersfontein include the Excelsior Diamond measuring 972 carats in 1893, the Reitz Diamond measuring 637 carats in 1895, it was later renamed the Jubilee Diamond in honor of Queen Victoria’s 60th coronation anniversary

Jagersfontein was the second town in South Africa to have electricity and running water which operated on a “penny” system. The water was obtained from pumps across the town and it was charged by the penny.

Jagersfontein mine was in operation until recently. The mine itself is a tourist attraction as it is the deepest open cast mine in the world, contrary to belief that Kimberley owned this accolade.

Jagersfontein today is sustained by farming and tourism with properties being geared towards guest houses and Bed & Breakfast’s which is a constant and reasonably stable source of income for the residents of the town.

The town of Jagersfontein is situated on the R704, between Fauresmith and Trompsburg. Other close by towns include Koffiefontein, Excelsior, Philippolis and Luckhof.

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