Isando in Gauteng on the East Rand is surrounded by suburbs which primarily sustain household income through the industrial sector with the commercial sector as an allied industry.

For these suburbs the location is important due to the fact that roads to these industrial hubs can become very congested, so the closer a suburb is to an industrial suburb the higher demand will be for homes in that given suburb.

Isandovale is one of those suburbs which are defined as a middle-class suburb with a mixed property use.

This mixed property usage is another important factor to the suburb as it means there is a larger income group and demographic that will be attracted to the suburb. First-time buyers can enter a middle-class suburb with a high demand thus making it more realistic to upgrade once the opportunity arises and the same goes for young married couples. The number of sectional title complexes is an indication confirming this fact.

Freestanding homes are on the upper end of the income bracket with an equally high degree of demand and due to the status of the suburb, there are strong sales figures galvanizing the market.

A mixed architecture draws a larger market with a timeline in architecture that will suite the whole market from conventional to contemporary modern.

Edenvale in general has benefitted from the Greenstone developments and this has also filtered down to the surrounding suburbs like Isandovale which is not too far from Greenstone and the number of estates.

Isandovale has a familial appeal which is evident by the tree lined tidy sidewalks and generally good condition of roads and surroundings.

Isandovale is central to four major industrial hubs namely, Isando, Sebenza, Jet Park and Elandsfontein making travel to the office a mere formality.

Isandovale has access to a number of popular schools such as Edenglen Primary School, Edenglen High School, Hurlyvale Primary School and Rhodesfield High School.

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