Just the name Humewood has a regal ring to it. Humewood is a suburb of Port Elizabeth that is located at the beach front. This spells a laid back lifestyle that only coastal suburbs manage to achieve all year round, live, play and work all in one exclusive package. One could then expect that property in the suburb is categorized as prestigious, ultra-chic or exclusive, and that it is indeed. Five star hotels and palatial homes line the water’s edge and the further one retreats into the suburb the same mansion homes are on display like jewels.
The mixed architecture of property in the suburb will speak to the entire consumer base with Victorian architecture, postmodern and the latest craze of ultra-modern modular architecture. Apartments and townhouses offer the prospect of catering to two types of uses, firstly for the residential market and then for the second holiday home market.
Their prices range from middle to exclusive which means this is a highly lucrative and competitive market segment in Humewood. The prime location of Humewood is naturally a factor that comes into the foray for permanent residents like any other suburb across the country.
It has to have easy access to commercial and industrial nodes; it has to have schools within easy access and finally easy access to retail outlets and malls. Humewood can claim it fulfills the criteria. The suburb has access to all the right schools, public and private such as Pearson High School, Summerwood Primary School and Cape Recife High School.
Naturally the pearly beaches and ocean are a major attraction almost all year round due to the mild weather conditions and more so in the seasonal summer months when large numbers of holiday makers find their way to the town. Malls that cater for retail needs and alternative entertainment are Pier 14 Shopping Centre, Kings Court Shopping Centre and Greenacres Shopping Centre which are all basically surrounding Humewood.

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