Hopefield is basically a town located on the west coast of the larger Western Cape and not too far from the ocean thus making it the perfect village to build a second holiday home which is perfect for all ages.

Property values are generally high which means there is demand for vacant stands, farms, smallholdings and luxurious homes in the village.

For a short hour-and-a-half drive, Hopefield is the perfect weekend getaway for those living in the Mother City. And the popularity of the village is steadily gaining traction with tourists. It would then make sense to splash out on that second dream holiday home that could become part of the family wealth where stories are born and memories kindled.

Naturally one could purchase an existing home and make it work around your lifestyle and needs but the alternative, even considering the high cost of a vacant stand one should build a customised home that will tantalize every whim and fantasy with the latest in fittings, fixtures and architecture. With rising property values there is virtually no risk of over-capitalizing on a property.

The options the town offers are endless. Lets take those that are looking to invest in a B&B, guest house or lodge, the volume of seasonal and out of season tourists will justify the expense in the catering and hospitality industry.

One may even be swayed to consider a boutique hotel and prestigious lifestyle security estate which would attract even more interest to this lucrative town.

A little known fact is that the town of Hopefield is the oldest town on the West Coast and the best mouth watering honey is farmed in Hopefield.

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