There is no certainty as to the origin of the name to this breath taking Eastern Cape Town named Hogsback.

Located in the Amathole Mountains, the earliest documented accounts of Hogsback comes from a painter, Thomas Baines whom, while on travel in 1884 in the region, noted the strange rock formation known as Hogs Back in his travel journal.

The first European settlers that resided here were British troops, under the command of Colonel Michel of the Warwickshire regiment. They were stationed on the border of the Xhosas based at Fort Michel, thus named after the Colonel. The name was later changed to Fort Michel and the pass into Hogsback still referring to Colonel Michel.

The first civilian settlers were three men that, all in their own way contribute to some of Hogsback’s history namely, Thomas Summerton, Odendaal and Booysens.

Summerton, not quite a horticulturalist or botanist, but a gardener form Oxford, did however try and bring some of England’s garden design to this beautiful countryside which is evident in the orchards and gardens which adorn the homes.

Through the ages more settlers came and took up residence in Hogsback and farms were proclaimed, hotels and inns were constructed. The rich soil in the region was ideal for forestry and this mega industry was established here in 1883 and is to this day a stable source of income and economic support to residents in the region.

Hogsback is reasonably remote which bodes well for tourism as the area is still very much under developed and unspoilt.

Tourists visiting Hogsback enjoy places like Katberg, a postcard pretty village surrounded by mountain streams, hiking trails, rural villages and splendid nature scenes. There are also camping sites at Katberg along with hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and lodges. You will also find Fort Fordyce Nature Reserve, Hogsback Hiking trail and Amalinda Nature reserve in close proximity.

Hogsback is the ideal tranquil holiday destination with the beauty of nature, wildlife and flora being the main course.

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