Hillbrow is as old as Johannesburg itself and was sought after for the proximity to the nightlife venues and the energy from this multicultural inner city

Pretoria Street and Ellis Park Rugby Stadium are the other landmarks that have stood the test of time in the suburb.

First Braamfontein came under the scrutiny of property developers like Blue IQ that infused new life into the suburb and soon the rest of the Johannesburg inner city had to follow suite.

It did not take developers long to see the potential of Hillbrow and there is now an initiative named the Ekhaya Neighborhood Program which has the primary focus and task of re-developing the suburb and ridding the suburb of crime, poverty and derelict buildings. Ekhaya translated means “at home” and this spells progress and investment that will uplift the suburb and community adding value back into the once stricken suburb.

Property values will be re-established and the demand will increase with the cleaning up of the suburb as is presently being undertaken by the Ekhaya initiative.

Due to the economic changes in South Africa the move is towards inner-city living once again as is evident in up market suburbs like Sandton, Parktown and Illovo.

Property prices are varied from R 200,000 upwards for apartments or free standing homes. The current low property values in Hillbrow should not be seen as an overall picture of the future as the most important factor is that the suburb is being re-developed and this will re-establish the demand for property in apartment buildings like the Ponte.

It would be wise to invest in property in Hillbrow while it is still affordable.

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