The Eden District of George is one of the places on the Garden Route that can lay claim to awe inspiring and spectacular nature scenery.

The district is home to various exclusive estates and residential holiday resorts. Herolds Bay is a suburb set in an alcove on the George coastline which brings nature right into homes with the backdrop of the Outeniqua Mountains.

This already creates the atmosphere of that special holiday feeling with a real laid back lifestyle which is further accentuated by the homes in Herolds Bay.

Property in Herolds Bay can be classified as middle-class and leaning towards prestigious in value. The setting is one of the prime factors in determining value then there is the individual homes which elevated costs are derived from the undulating ground adding to standard construction costs.

It could be safe to say the homes all have a view over the secluded and sheltered bay with the ocean as focal point.

The architecture of homes in Herolds Bay is influenced by fashion trends and this is seen in the homes in various estates which make up a large part of Herolds Bay’s property usage and also adding to the exclusivity, thus it can be deduced the architecture is contemporary and it seems as though developers have kept the surrounding nature in mind as not to be too obtrusive with the designs.

There are for example log cabin homes and the more up to date design cues like Mediterranean and Balinese which do blend into the countryside.

Properties are not that unaffordable that it would be impossible to invest in that perfect second holiday home and there are also a great number of vacant stands available in the market where one can construct that ideal retreat. No expense need be spared as demand for property in Herolds Bay is high and the market is steady showing stable growth in the George and Eden District.

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