Semigrating may be the new catchphrase but relocating is the definition consumers are familiar with. Data from the property data company, Lightstone, has revealed that the age group buyers in George are currently between 36 to 49 years. The most predominant reason for relocation in the past was employment.

The trend has changed slightly as one of more prominent reasons is lifestyle and for pensioners this is even more of a factor. Lifestyle within the property market is driven by crime stats, the pace of life and surroundings. It is true Jo’burg does have some very attractive suburbs but they lack the proximity to the ocean and natural beauty.

This is where a suburb like Heather Park in George wins hands-down. You have the Outeniqua Mountains and the lush green forests and the elegant stately homes with their landscaped gardens as a given factor.

Heather Park is a middle-upper class and prestigious suburb with a property usage consisting of primarily freestanding homes and a few remaining vacant stands. The architectural style of the suburb is a mixture of period homes and modern architectural homes.

The modern architecture was also influenced by Fancourt and Earls Court Lifestyle Estate and has also contributed to the upward sales curve in the suburb. Homes in the estate price range is also not exclusive to the estates as the freestanding homes are highly competitive too as the homes have just as much to offer in terms of luxuries, architecture and size.

The vacant stands are still highly competitively priced and for those who choose to build a home to their exacting standards a vacant stand is possibly an option to consider.

Heather Park is serviced by a number of reputable schools namely York High School, Heatherlands High School, George High School and Holy Cross Primary School (George).

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