It is not sure whether Harbour Island in Gordon’s Bay in the Western Cape was fashioned according to its namesake in the Bahamas. Both are idyllic and spectacular in their own right. Harbour Island in Gordon’s Bay attracts property investors from all parts of the world. This is seen in the broad property value platform that can go up as high as R 16 mil for a villa-styled home and beyond this.

Property usage consists of apartment buildings and freehold homes. The one part of the market that offers an inexpensive alternative to buying into this prestigious market is vacant stands that are well-valued making it a good entry point. Build a home to your lifestyle needs, taste and size and you may be able to achieve this in a price range that will leave loads of money available for customised interior fittings of your luxurious home. Apartments are also an investment market in the holiday apartment segment, and generally, the sales of these apartments are slower. These types of investments remain in families and eventually become a tradition.

The architecture of property in Harbour Island tends to be modern to designer architectural homes and apartment buildings. This is to attract investors to this buoyant market.

Gordon’s Bay is a residential suburb which means residents need access to the same amenities as any other residential suburb, like schools, malls, industrial and or commercial nodes.

Schools servicing the suburb are Gordon’s Bay Primary School, International School of Heidelberg, False Bay High School, South African Naval College and Somerset West Private School.

Gordon’s Bay is close to Strand, and Somerset West which have commercial and industrial nodes and the N2 connects the town to Cape Town on the southbound lanes and Paarl, Wellington and other towns to the west.

All the international brand clothing and consumer brands are sold in the high-end retail outlets, and outdoor leisure activities are unlimited.

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