Grahamstown is a quit small town located in the Eastern Cape Province. The town is known for a few factors like Rhodes University and also the collection of period homes dating back to the early years around 1812. It was once a military outpost serving the British army.

Some other fact about the town is that are no less than 40 religious buildings in the town.

Grahamstown today is a tranquil town bustling with students and families seeking the country style of living in what can be described as a middle class town made up of apartments, freehold homes a Central Business District and townhouse complexes. This means the town has expanded and will continue to expand with the need for property in this quaint town.

Being a middle class town means property values are driven by demand and the values are comparable to most towns in large cities in South Africa meaning townhouses range between the mid R400 mark up to roughly the R650 mark and the same for apartments. Freehold homes are from the R1.2 mil mark to over the R mil mark.

Investment opportunities should not be passed up within the various sectors with student accommodation making up a large part of the letting market and then those seeking permanent residence in the town.

There are a number of farms in the market which is the other source of sustainability in the town and region but the town is not reliant completely on farming as there is a sizable commercial market and subsidiary industries to the farming in the region.

There are great opportunities in the commercial property sector in the form of guest houses and B&B’s with a stable income all year round.

The tourism industry is one major source of income to the town and there are various festivals which draw large crowds like the National Arts Festival which is held in the town annually.

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