Situated on the Garden Route, within an hour from Still Bay one will find the sleepy village of Gouritsmond. The village is situated on the banks of the Gourits River along the N2 to Mosselbay. Another renowned tourist attraction that has firmly placed the village on the map is bungee jumping from the bridge crossing the river. The bungee station was, however, closed for reasons unknown.

The village, dotted with period-styled stone houses that hark back to an era when it was a fishing village. Today it is a pensioners and tourist haven with whale and dolphin sight seekers flocking to the village when the spectacular aquatic mammals make their way to warmer water to calve.

This is not the only tourist attraction, the list of outdoor activities will keep the adventurers busy for a lifetime.

The property market is purely a holiday home market with property values starting at around R 1,5 mil and escalating to above R 4,5 mil. Naturally, the higher the sales value of a home, the higher the specifications of the home and architectural style will be. Period homes begin with R1,5 and match modern homes in value.

Considering that this is a holiday destination one may expect it to be a pensioners haven as it is a tranquil village void of any form of commercialization.

Sources of sustainable income for the village stem from sheep farming and wheat with the tourist industry subsidising the seasonal income. This means guest houses are a lucrative investment especially for tourists on a weekend getaway.

Modern homes are unashamedly lavish and extend into the Gourits rural area. Ancient sand dunes are the perfect vantage point from where one can enjoy the lush dunes and ocean from a home constructed to your requirements and lifestyle needs. There is vacant stand available at astounding prices which is a lifetime opportunity to construct a living legacy to hand down from generation to generation.

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