The suburb of Glen Barrie has a nice ring to it. Before driving through the suburb one may get the sense of driving through a glen with the Outeniqua Mountains on one side, covered in a lush green carpet and on cooler days it would have a misty veil and pine forest on the other flank. A horse drawn cart would not seem out of place in the tranquil streets with its manicured sidewalks of the suburb. The well-managed municipal services are evident in the larger George which will also attract buyers from other provinces and the reduced risk of crime is also a factor.
A variety of architectural styles would satisfy the whole buyers’ market as there is contemporary architecture, Victorian period homes, and classic homes. The large gardens paint an idyllic picture of children frolicking to hearts content in safety.
The architectural style does influence the property values to some extent but the influx of families that have opted for the country lifestyle is a major contributing factor. The suburb has a prestigious status and this can also be seen in the sizes of homes of which freestanding homes seem to be the larger portion of property usage.
There are guest houses in the suburb and for an investment property they offer a great deal where one can even retire from.
As a self-sustaining town George does have the necessary infrastructure in place like malls, schools and entertainment venues. Traveling to school to drop off the children is not a nightmare as it is in cities like Jo’burg which means when you arrive at the office then traffic is not a factor that would have disrupted a laid back morning.
Schools close to Glen Barrie are Dellville Park Primary School, York High School, Outeniqua Primary School and Outeniqua High School.

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