The town of Giyani was established in 1960 as the administrative capital for the Tsonga tribe or people residing in the north eastern parts of the Limpopo Province. The first Europeans in the region were Swiss missionaries.

The town is located in the heart of the eastern bushveld close to the Kruger National Park.

The town is by nature an agriculturally oriented town with the farming of peanuts, maize and tomatoes.

The town is still very underdeveloped and this is in part due to its remote location and thus it is underutilized too.

Having said that, the town has a lot to offer in terms of tourism due to its specific location, and its relation to the game farms in the region.

The weather conditions are favourable for tourism all year round with temperatures as high as 36 C in summer and a pleasant winter low of a mere 22 C.

The tourist attractions will keep any explorer and holiday maker busy for weeks. Here is a list of attractions in the region and town of Giyani:

· Kruger National Park (Phalaborwa Gate)

· Manomba Nature Reserve

· Nsami Dam for the bird watchers

There is a long list of guest houses in Giyani situated in the sought after upmarket suburb of Kremetart. Kremetart is the Afrikaans name for Baobab, the “upside down trees” which distinguishes the north eastern bushveld region from the rest of the country. Mopani worms are the recognised diet and delicacy in this region of the country and these worms they say go down well with wild spinach, tomato and mielie pap.

The one sight not to miss while on holiday in these upper regions is when the sun has baked on the Marula trees and the apes and baboons get hold of the near fermented fruits.

The town is an ideal base from which to go and explore the Kruger National Park and to spend a bit of time with the cultural villages and their history.

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