The Nuweveld Mountains in the distance is a beacon to the town of Fraserburg.

Fraserburg is a farming town established on the farm, Rietfontein, located in the Karoo region of the northern parts of the Cape Province.

The town was established by “Trekboere” that were farming livestock with sheep farming being a mainstay to the region. This source of income is today still the main source of income and sustainability to the region.

A Scottish immigrant, Reverend Colin Fraser, came to live here in the 1800’s and thus the town was named in his honour.

The evidence of the different cultures in the region is recorded in the architecture which ranges from the Edwardian, Victorian and Corbelled houses typical to the era.

The region and the town were part of the Wool boom which was prevalent in the late 19th and early 20th century. The wool boom has long since passed but wool is still a source of income derived from the farming of sheep along with sheep meat.

Tourists visiting the region and town come for the nature and tranquility.

Tourist destinations in and around Fraserburg include the Karoo National Park as well as the Tankwa-Karoo National Park.

The town is known as the town with the coldest winters in South Africa and that is in part due to its proximity to Sutherland which is always cold and the vast open spaces of the Karoo being the main contributing factor to the cold winters.

Towns which are in close proximity to Fraserburg are Williston, Loxton, Carnarvon and Leeu-Gamka.

The largest telescope in the southern hemisphere is being constructed in Sutherland because of the very low pollution levels which is a fact about Fraserburg too.

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