Florida, as the western Johannesburg

suburb is known today, was established on the farm Vogelstruisfontein somewhere

in the late 1800’s on the backbone of gold mining.  Florida in Spanish means flower and it is for

this reason the town got its name once the surveyor William Pritchard laid out

the town of Roodepoort and suburbs found a profusion of natural flowers growing

in the valley of Florida.

When the gold reserves became less

profitable the suburb served as railway housing for the then ZAR which was a

main shunting yard for freight and passenger rains.

There is a character in Florida which is

typical of yester-year in the architecture along with more modern designs. The

demand for property in the suburb today is due to the proximity to amenities

like major roads, schools, malls, commercial and industrial hubs.

The mixed property use of the suburb

means first-time home buyers are not forgotten as there are a large number of

town-house complexes and apartment buildings to choose from and values which

should entice buy-to-let investors and tenants alike. The proximity of the

suburb to the Johannesburg CBD and other suburbs is a major advantage for those

employed in the commercial sector.

The industrial hubs of Maraisburg and

Industria are largely used by international freight shipping companies and

these are both conveniently close to Florida.

Property values fall within a range of

roughly R250 000 to above the R300 mark for apartments and freehold homes from

the mid R700’s to above the R800 mark depending on what the specific homes


The value of homes in the suburb is

growing steadily in line with the average growth percentage that is a national

standard of roughly 6% year on year at current market rates.

The schools in the region and suburb are

popular and produce their fair share of performers.

Here is s list of some of the popular

schools in the suburb;


Primary School


Glen High School


Primary School


Park High School

There are a number of malls to choose

from for retail needs such as;




Value Centre



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