The Hermanus coastline has a host of natural attractions which have prompted tourists to either take up permanent residency here or to make an investment in a second holiday home.

During World War II, the Royal Air Force (RAF) established a diversion base at the lagoon under the command of 262 Squadron. Before this, the area was populated by the Khoisan people.

Hermanus is the point of origin for many of the smaller communities like Fisherhaven which is also a buoyant property investment market in the second holiday home market.

The town can be classified as a middle-class town which is steadily being developed judging by the number of vacant stands which the Overberg municipality has released for residential use.

Some of the attractions that have tourists venturing back here year after year are the whales and their calves, water sport activities like fishing or on occasion when visiting the Rooisand Nature Reserve one may catch a glimpse of a herd of wild horses.

With the Arabella Golf Estate only about 14km away one can be certain that, more estates will follow and this will have a positive influence on the already lucrative property market of Fisherhaven.

The architecture is typical of a middle-class suburb, modern, classic conventional and some architectural homes giving the suburb a more diverse pricing structure thus allowing a broader consumer platform to invest in this tranquil idyllic haven.

The one property usage the town does not have enough of is commercial residential property like guest houses which will be sure to be busy all year round.

For permanent residents there of course educational institutes like primary and secondary schools such as Hermanus High School, Curro Hermanus Independent School, Hawston Secondary School and Camphill School Hermanus.

One should not be surprised by the lack of malls in the region.

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