George is in the heartland of the Garden Route. The surroundings are breath taking which will add appeal to any residential suburb. The greater George is not that large a town so one of the things that residents benefit from is low traffic volumes. This also means there is a real laid back lifestyle. The timber industry and saw mills is a large portion of household income but it is also one of the reasons why George is so beautiful. The weather conditions are mild which will favour the pensioners and this fact is echoed in the number of permanent residential pensioners in George and its suburbs of which there is a very long list.

Fernridge is one the suburbs in George which is set against the picturesque Outeniqua Mountains and when a cloud cover prevails it looks like the Dolomites in Italy where there are sparse signs of greenery.

Fernridge is a middle to middle upper class residential suburb with a mixed architecture which will appeal to the whole consumer base. The property usage is also almost exclusively freestanding homes and there are a number of vacant stands which is an indication that the suburb is near its capacity. This of course means it has become a stable investment suburb which has a stable demand factor.

Tree lined sidewalks and manicured gardens evoke a tranquillity in the suburb and homes are also in a generally well-maintained state.

When one thinks of the Garden Route on could easily forget this is a functional town that has the same needs as a normal city elsewhere in the country like schools and George also has the George Airport.

Schools in and neat to Fernridge are Denneoord Primary School, Outeniqua High School, Outeniqua Primary School and Vine Christian School.

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