The leafy tranquil suburb of Fernglen in Port Elizabeth is a real familial suburb which caters to the upper-middle class sector of the property market.

The property usage of the suburb caters for a broad spectrum of demographic, single first-time buyers, young married couples, medium and established families with the property usage consisting of freestanding homes, apartments and townhouses. As with any other suburb across the country, architecture plays a huge role in the property values or pricing structure which also enables various income groups to find a home in suburbs like Fernglen. Townhouses in the suburb are comparative to other suburbs and towns in the upper end of the professional income groups which I guess one could ascribe to the convenient lifestyle that comes with living in a townhouse complex.

The attraction Fernglen holds is ascribed to its prime location and the other mentioned factors as the suburb is within easy access to the N2 and other major roads connecting to commercial and industrial nodes.

One could even have a guess and say that apartments are sought after amongst the second holiday home market as the suburb is a mere 25 minute drive and the advantage of not being crowded by the seasonal holiday tourists.

The Coega Harbour district forms an integral part of household income to the greater Port Elizabeth and residents in Fernglen and then other industrial nodes like Neave, North End, Sidwell, Fairview and Port Elizabeth Central and naturally there are the automotive assembly plants which are both commercial and industrial in nature.

Being part of a well-established municipality the infrastructure is also well-established like access to schools of which there are a number to choose from such as Framsby High School, Pearson High School, Cape Recife High School and Grey High School and naturally there are a number of malls within convenient access of Fernglen such as Greenacres Shopping Centre, Pier 14 Shopping Centre and Kings Court Shopping Centre.

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