The northern suburbs of Cape Town are growing steadily in popularity and this has had a massive spurt of increase in property values in recent years. This has also set the status of the suburb as an exclusive to prestigious suburb.

The suburb is well-established but the residents are of the younger executive generation seeking the tranquillity of a family oriented suburb with the status that goes with it.

A fresher and newer style of architecture, in keeping with current trends, will also appeal to the younger executive market with the further benefit of large family homes and stands. The tree lined streets, clean sidewalks and expansive manicured gardens speaks of a familial and jovial yet laid back suburb.

A mixed property usage which consists of freehold homes, cluster homes, townhouses and some new lifestyle and golf estates means there is a property for every family’s needs. This also adds a bit more variety to the pricing structure of the suburb with a few less expensive homes still within this exclusive suburb.

Location is in today’s economic climate an important deciding factor, Everglen is in a prime location in relation to all the important commercial and industrial hubs are within easy access along with schools and malls which are all amenities which define a suburb as a residential suburb.

Here is a list of some of the more popular schools servicing Everglen; Fairmont High School, Stellenberg High School, Kenridge Primary School and Gene Louw Primary School.

For the more established families with children attending university the University of the Western Cape is located in Bellville making it convenient to attend lectures and a cost saving on residents’ fees.

Industrial hubs which are part of the sustainability of residents in the suburb and placed conveniently are Stikland Industrial, Sacks Circle Industrial and Bellville South Industrial.

Take a tour of the homes in Everglen, Cape Town via the Myroof web-site.

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