Vasco da Gama is said to have set foot on South African soil neat the fishing village of Dwarskersbos on the 7th November 1497. The turquoise South Atlantic Ocean has been a lure to travellers since then and as the name of the village spread so its popularity grew to where it is today a village visited by local in international tourists all year round. The tranquillity and pristine un-touched sandy beaches and surroundings are some of the attractions and then there is the major attraction of seeing the colossal Southern Right wales between June and September.

The village is a true fishing village as fishing is one of the attractions which is an all year activity as the waters are teeming with fish of all species know to the cold waters.

The village has a mixture of charming rustic fishing cottage architecture interspersed with a host of architecture that is a register of how the architecture of the village progressed through time. Today there are a large number of elegant prestigious holiday homes which range in value from R 2 million and up to R 5 million.

The property usage in the village has also diversified and is now a mixture of townhouses, apartments, freestanding homes and farms. There is a definite Mediterranean vibe in the village which is also seen in some of the architecture with a modern twist of course.

The village is still gaining momentum in the property market as can be seen in the number of vacant stands being sold at very reasonable prices and stands vary in size from around 650 m2 to about 1000 m2 and rand per square meter this is still an investors dream.

The other factor that makes the village such a huge attraction is that it is reasonably close to Cape Town thus making it the perfect holiday destination for Capetonians.

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