Modjadji, the Rain Queen which means, “Ruler of the day” is the hereditary ruler of the Balobedu people in the area which was known as Duiwelskloof. The region and people of Modjadji as it is known is stooped in mystical traditions and cultural beliefs which are still part of the people today and she is the only ruling queen in South Africa.

The name Duiwelskloof loosely refers to the rugged ravines which the Voortrekkers has to navigate on their Trek up north.

Needless to say, this is still by today’s standards pristine bushveld with lush sub-tropical vegetation.

The town was proclaimed in 1919 which is some indication that the town is old and well-established. Then the main sources of sustainability were forestry and agricultural farming producing citrus fruits and vegetables. This is today still the main sources of sustainable household income to the town and region.

Of course this means housing is required catering for a wide income range making Modjadjiskloof a somewhat lucrative property market for people working in the agricultural and forestry sectors.

As with any other town in South Africa there are suburbs catering for the various income groups with all the suburbs having their own values in demand. This also means smallholdings and farms are always in the market and in demand which means they various property uses contribute to the stable property market of the town.

There is also a fair amount of tourist oriented property usage by way of guest houses and lodges adding some more diversity to the town property make up.

The tranquil surroundings of the town entice many consumers to seek refuge in the town and surroundings on holiday breaks.

Being a functional town does mean all the services required to ensure growth of a town are available like schools and malls.

Some of the schools in the town are Platland Primary School, The Kings Court and Merensky High School.

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