Cape Town has followed suit to Johannesburg, in an inner city revival project. Cape Town has implemented a project named Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) and surveys have shown this to be a success. This initiative is to improve the inner city quality of live and revive Down Town Cape Town to its former glory.

Quite unique to Down Town Cape Town is the cycle lanes which is a good selling point to international investors whom are used to this trend. Green living in a CBD setting? This just further indicates the levels of safety the residents feel within the urban setting, to be able to take out a cycle and enjoy the outdoors.

Down Town Cape Town could, by virtue of the many international tourists visiting Cape Town, be South Africa's next “Central Park”. The properties exist, the value is certainly there and could increase if these kinds of projects find more support and residents see the benefits they bring.

If we look at what Central Park, Manhattan has done for the urban life then we should carefully consider preserving what we have. Central Park is a National Historic Landmark and an awesome concert venue. The park has a budget of 37.5 million dollars and also has its own police force. This is because crime was a problem in earlier years.

This is happening to some extent in the upper parts of the Cape CBD in places like Tamboerskloof.

There may not be space like that of Central Park but what there is is the beauty of the backdrop of Table Mountain.

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