Pretoria North like many of the suburbs across Pretoria has its varied level of income groups making up the suburb of Doornpoort which can be categorised as middle to upper-class income suburb.

The mixed property usage of Doornpoort which consists of freestanding homes, townhouses, apartments and cluster homes is the main factor which gives the suburb its attributes of status along with the mixed architecture and location.

With population growth at current levels, location of a suburb is a relative term or definition. Of course, there has to be easy access to major roads and established facilities and amenities like road infrastructure, schools, malls and utilities. With Doornpoort being a well-established and sought after suburb means all the attributes are in place.

The mixed architecture in Doornpoort means a large market is attracted to the suburb with a varying age group which is also echoed in the mixed use.

Apartments and townhouses will cater for singles and recently married couple and those starting off with a family. As with many other suburbs, the norm is generally to upgrade within a suburb if relocation is not the reason for upgrading or retirement to downsizing.

There is a certain air of tranquillity in the suburb which has a familial atmosphere and a sense of pride is visible in the suburb as seen from clean manicured sidewalks, manicured gardens and the general state of the roads.

Doornpoort is actually quit centrally located as it offers access to the major industrial hubs in Pretoria North, Rosslyn, Hermanstad and Booysens and then also easy access to commercial hubs across Pretoria like Pretoria North, Wonderboom and Pretoria Central and lastly the East of Pretoria.

There are a number of reputable schools servicing Doornpoort such as Hoerskool Montana, Doornpoort Primary School and Rietondale Primary School.

There are more than enough malls to choose from for retail needs such as Doornpark Shopping Centre, Montana Crossing and Zambezi Junction.

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