Driving through the scenic suburb of Denver Park in George it is at first glance a normal middle upper-class residential suburb. That is until one sees the Outeniqua Mountains and the reminder that the ocean is within convenient access that the whole picture of benefits materialise. It is a town and suburb that has a low crime rate, property values are stable, there are numerous schools close to the suburb, malls and the office and the best of all is that the traffic congestion is almost not a factor to consider.

Townhouse complexes are simply the best value for money for pensioners and second holiday home investors and the rental market for tourists. Tourists are attracted to the town of George and its suburbs due to the mild weather and natural beauty on offer. First-time buyers that are in the middle upper-class also have a good selection of well-appointed townhouses to choose from.

Freestanding homes attract buyers from within George who have the advantage of upgrading in this beautiful town and its suburbs and then of course buyers relocating from elsewhere with established families. Freestanding homes are mostly set on large stands which give them a very stately appearance and appeal and the fair weather conditions allows the avid gardeners the opportunity to be really expressive in their landscaped and manicured gardens.

The property values in Denver Park is self-propelled to some extent but one also has to take into account the number of established and new lifestyle and golf estates which has added to the slight increase and buoyancy in the property values as foreign investors are attracted to the estates and many then also consider property in suburbs like Denver Park.

There are school in and close to Denver Park namely New Dawn Primary School, Outeniqua High School, George High School and Rosemoor Primary School.

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