As far as holiday destinations go De Kelders is the ideal tranquil weekend getaway. De Kelders meaning The Caves which was derived from the caverns formed by the waves pounding the lime stone cliffs of The Klipgat Mountains of the beach front.

De Kelders is a suburb of Gansbaai which is by itself another tourist destination.

Tourist and holiday destinations the suburb of De Kelders was founded on rich archeological finds in the various caves dotting the cliffs. This then means that the region was, according to carbon dating, inhabited by people dating from the Stone Age.

This is one of the main tourist attractions to the suburb and secondly the sandy white beaches.

Properties vary in architecture from post-colonial to modern designs. This fact means a wider income platform is catered for.

Property values range from the mid R600’s to above the R2 mil mark and beyond with some commercial properties also available up for grabs. Being roughly 2 hours’ drive from Cape Town means the town is not inaccessible either.

Education to the town is catered for in Gansbaai with high schools and primary schools like: Gansbaai Academia, Gansbaai Primary School, and Gansbaai Christian Academy.

Gansbaai has a central business district which caters for the region too.

Tourist will not run the risk of being bored as there are no less than three nature reserves on the doorstep of the region.

Property in the suburb will find favour for people seeking tranquility and quality and there a number of older homes which will suit the DIY enthusiasts seeking the farm style cottage type homes.

Do not miss on the opportunity of investing in the cost savings of vacant land in De Kelders as there is a large selection to choose from at reasonable prices.

If tranquil life style is your wish then De Kelders should attract your pocket.

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