Danielskuil is small town located in the Northern Cape Province bordering the Kalahari Desert and is situated in a “green belt” of the desert. The town is entrenched in farming and being located more remotely farming in the fertile soil yields good crops which support the farmers and residents alike.

The town is stooped in cultural history which is dated back to the San people and many of the caves in the area have depictions of the life of the San and Griqua people captured on the walls of the caves.

The caves are by themselves a major tourist attraction along with the Kalahari Desert and other attractions. More tourist attractions include the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the Wonderwerk Cave, Kuruman Hills and the Vermeulen grave.

The first cigarette smoked on South African soil, was smoked in Danielskuil.

Danielskuil has a secondary industry on limestone mining which has been sustaining and adding to the further development of the town to where it is today. The lime dates back to around 200 000 years and the mining produces in excess of 5 million tons of lime annually. The mining of marble is also a supportive industry to Danielskuil.

For tourists the summer weather is favourable and the people are lauded as being very hospitable and a real sense of community exists in the small town.

Tourists also like visiting the area for the following reasons: Desert Raisins Farm Stall, Canoeing on the Orange River, Dyasonsklip Estate, Kalahari-Oranje Museum, Riemvasmaak Hot Springs and Daberas 4x4 Trail.

Tourists will not be left bored visiting this precious jewel of South Africa. The surrounding countryside offers ample for the nature lovers with abundant wildlife, birds and flora to explore.

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