The town of Clarendon Marine has been spared of commercial development in the property market. It is another of those towns like Kini Beach which can be described as a coastal village. Naturally in the property market and sea views are an important factor for sales value and demand. The natural vegetation and rolling hills make for a scenic picture and allows for architecture to make full use of the oceans and beach views. The architecture is a mixture of classic conventional and the higher priced properties which have modern architecture.

The mixed property usage is another factor which draws a broad income spectrum to the town with property usage consisting of mainly freestanding homes and there are scores of vacant stands. As with any developing town vacant stands are the perfect entry point from which to build and own a prestigious home at the fraction of the cost of purchasing an existing home and then one can also design the home to your desired specifications.

Residents are attracted to the town mainly because of its location and its relative seclusion but at the same time only 30 minutes’ from Port Elizabeth where all of the commercial and industrial hubs are located.

Being a sleepy hollow does not mean there is a shortage of schools as there are a number namely; Clarendon Park Primary School, Island Forest Primary School and Hoerskool DF Malherbe. Then there is the guest house market which seems to be a fairly lucrative market in part due to the favourable weather condition almost all year round and the tourist attractions are plentiful.

The lack of malls is of major benefit as this reduces traffic and noise so one would travel to large centres namely; BayWest Shopping Mall, Metlife Mall Shopping Centre and The Willows Shopping Centre.

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