The southern suburbs of Cape Town have somehow attained a status of prestige over the past decades. Each of the various suburbs offers their own appeal to the buyers’ market.

Claremont is one of those prestigious suburbs that draw buyers from a large market for various factors such as the status, the varied property usage, the tranquillity of the suburb, that close proximity to universities and exclusive schools and industrial and commercial hubs.

Not enough can be said about the rich architectural history that makes up Claremont as it is a timeline that dates from present time back to the 1600’s.

From villas to apartments are the norms which are all in the high demand category. Apartments appeal to the younger generation for their convenience and security and close proximity to commercial hubs and for the pensioners the important factor of tranquillity with the status.

Residents in Claremont seek the privacy of these stately homes and of course there are the landscaped manicured gardens to display homes and enhance the aesthetic appeal.

With so many exclusive guest houses and hotels in and around Claremont the suburb benefits from these properties in two beneficial ways in the first instance guest houses and hotels are a major marketing method for homes in the market and secondly guest houses increase the general property values of Claremont.

The number of exclusive schools catering for Claremont and nearby suburb is International School of Cape Town, Sans Souci Girls’ High School, Herschel Girls’ High School and Groote Schuur High School.

The choice of exclusive malls rivals those in Gauteng such as Cavendish Square, Stadium On Main, Werdmuller Centre, Maynard Mall and Riverside Mall.

The quant village like lifestyle has other benefits like a day spent at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, spend time sampling the beer at the Newlands Private Brewery or take a drive and explore the vineyards around Cape Town.

Take a tour of the homes in Claremont, Cape Town Southern Suburbs via the Myroof web site.

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