Century City can in some way be described as South Africa’s down toned answer on Las Vegas. This is prestige that comes in all forms of property usage where apartments are the predominant use.

The hefty price tags of these exclusive properties are certainly for the well-heeled and a sizeable part of this market could cater for the seaside second holiday home market and again apartments being favoured due to the security measures in the apartment buildings making it safer when the apartments are not in use.

Freestanding homes compete with other elite suburbs in Cape Town for a share in the property market and in some instances there are “more affordable” properties to be had that offer the same standards of fixtures and finishings justifying the price tags.

Apartments in Century City seem to have a basic ethos of ultra-modern features with the latest in fittings and layout of apartments having been designed to make full use of every m2 available.

The appeal is further extended by the views these apartments offer over the waterways and surrounding skylight.

The skylight of Century City is breath-taking at night and will warm the hearts of those who take pleasure in architectural and aesthetic lines, the use of up lighting and the urban lifestyle.

Of course the laid back lifestyle is nothing new for Cape Town and this is echoed in the entire Century City development. Paved walkways are a design cue borrowed from the redeveloped Sandton inner-city scape and present a somewhat tranquil atmosphere.

For permanent residents every imaginable amenity has been catered for and is on the doorstep like the exclusive retail outlets and entertainment venues which tourists benefit from too.

Milnerton as a suburb is in a prime location and for permanent residents this means travel to the office, schools or industrial hubs is a matter of small inconvenience.

Take a tour of the various homes in Century City, Milnerton and Cape Town via the Myroof web site.

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