There are always factors which one should consider when choosing a home in a selected suburb which the majority of consumers do such as the easy access and number of schools close to home, what the municipal service delivery looks like access to the office and also in small measure access to entertainment. Pensioners will also find Campher Park to be a perfect suburb as it offers homes with manageable stands and for those who want to buy for relatively well-priced properties there is the opportunity to buy these homes and extend rather than committing to the expenditure of larger bonds at a higher repayment cost.

Campher Park in Uitenhage does offer most of the criteria to make it a good suburb. The middle upper-class suburb of Campher Park has a familial appeal with a well-balanced pricing structure and a varied architectural selection. One should also not discard the prime location of the suburb as a major attraction feature. For example the suburb is only a few minutes’ drive from the VW factory and the allied industries in the hub of Alexander Park Industrial. Then the suburb is also close to the Uitenhage Aerodrome for those who travel nationally or internationally.

Being a middle class suburb means a large portion of consumers are catered for with home that will suite the first-time buyers and established medium sized families. The mixed property usage in the suburb also contributes to the appeal of the suburb as there are a number of established complexes and newer complexes which contribute the growth in property values.

There also a number of vacant stands in the suburb which also means there is still room for growth in the suburb.

School catering to the suburb are Jubilee Park Primary School, Uitenhage High School, Daniel Pienaar Technical High School and Albertyn Primary School.

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