The Valley of A Thousand Hills paints the backdrop for the town of Camperdown located in KZN’s own Table Mountain and the Valley of A Thousand Hills being a major tourist attraction.

Camperdown is a town in the KZN Province. This is a town which is still very much under development which means there are loads of property investment prospects from farms, small holding, commercial and industrial property to choose from.

From the number of commercial properties in the market one could assume the town is at the brink of being a self-sustaining town which at the present moment still offers affordable property prices within the middle-class income group and many of the homes have large grounds and spacious homes which are ideal for larger families seeking the nature experience close to home.

There are major developers that have targeted the town with apartments and townhouse complexes in mind which is a good indication that the town will yield stable growth in the marketplace.

Residential homes in the town are priced towards the middle-class income group which has a stable growth rate within the region.

In the commercial sector the properties range from game farms to business use in the form of business parks and land earmarked for sectional title cluster developments.

Guest houses and B&B’s likewise are the ideal investment opportunity for the hospitality industry as the region is frequented by tourist exploring this spectacular part of the KZN interior.

The town is a mere 20 minutes’ drive from Pietermaritzburg which means for now the infrastructure like schools are in Pietermaritzburg. Here is a list of some of those popular schools, Pietermaritzburg Girl’s High School, Carter High School, Saint Nicholas Diocesan School for Girls and Scottsville Primary School.

Located on the N3 highway puts the town in a favorable location as it is on a major arterial road between Johannesburg and Durban and only 30 minutes from Pinetown.

Take a tour of the properties in Camperdown and the Valley of A Thousand Hills via the Myroof web-site.

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