The endangered Brenton blue butterfly will only be found in Brenton-on-Sea in Knysna and was almost extinct by the 1980’s and was rediscovered around 1991. This led to the Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve being proclaimed. Just as spectacular as its half-namesake, Brenton-on-Sea is a settlement and seaside resort town, with an almost unrivalled natural beauty. This coastal resort town was in fact, named after Jahleel Brenton who declared Knysna as harbour in 1818.

Brenton-on-Sea is both a residential suburb and a holiday resort town with a diverse property usage which is classified as a prestigious property market which is derived from the average sales values of property in the suburb. From most homes in the suburb, the views of the Knysna lagoon and The Heads are spectacular with the Indian Ocean pounding at the sheer rock faces. This then also means that the architecture of the homes is spectacular and is a major contributing factor to the property values.

The sectional title property market of Brenton-on-Sea is an equally competitive market also within the prestigious segment. These properties have a dual use as holiday properties and also permanent residential properties.

Brenton-on-Sea is far from a fully developed suburb which is obvious by the number of vacant stands available on the market. Here one is investing in prestige outside estates for the same value which is a good indication as to the buoyancy of the property market in general. The other end of the market is of course the residential commercial sector catering for guest houses and when looking at what some of the existing homes offer it does pose a huge commercial venture prospect as the region is a tourist haven all year round amongst national and international tourists.

For permanent residents the crucial services like schools and malls are catered for. The list of popular and reputable schools is Knysna Montessori School, Oak Hill School, Riverwood Primary School and Rheenendal Primary School.

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